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Sep. 17th, 2017

harry & ginny

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Otherwise, go take a look at my writing journal:  indigo_melodies (NaNoWriMo, ScriptFrenzy, and more.  Friend it! ^_~).

Jun. 14th, 2008

harry & ginny

Original Fiction/Prose Poem: Moments

 Just something I wrote the other day...umm, yeah.  I'd really like honest comments...oh, and tell me what you think the last paragraph is about!  *grin*

( Moments )

Jun. 12th, 2008

harry & ginny

Writer's Block: Where the Cheese Goes // Remus/Sirius fanfic

What should cheese go on, and what should cheese NOT go on?

[omg, I keep losing everything I just wrote!  It's so annoying...gahhh...stupid computer!!  Anyway, I guess I'll rewrite the fanfic >_<" and it will NOT be as good as it was the first time around...oh well.  But first, a warning: SLASH!  Only a little, otherwise it's all just funny/fluffy. ^_^  with a kind of cliche ending, haha.]



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May. 9th, 2008

harry &amp; ginny

Icon Post #1

Okay, so this is totally random, but here are a bunch of icons I've made over the last two days. All of them--with the exception of the first one--are from the pictures I took during spring break, at the Grand Canyon =]. I meant to put some of those up before, but I never got them all quite sorted (there are about 300, not counting the ones my mom took). I didn't do too much to them, just edited the color a little bit. Consider them icon bases if you will... This post is mainly for myself, but anyhow, credit in the comments if you use them on LJ and don't bother if it's off of LJ.

About the first icon (the one I'm using now)--it's from the 'digital booklet' of Neil Diamond's (amazing) new album, Home Before Dark. I think it came out on Tuesday and of course I bought it on iTunes. Anyway, the picture the icon is from is in the booklet, so all credit for that goes to the photographer.

Apr. 7th, 2008

harry &amp; ginny

poetry. also posted on my writing journal.

I have a screnzy update to make in a minute, but first, here are two poems I've been meaning to post.  I have a prose poem too, but it's not on this computer...  Anyway, I did write these for English class (one of them I actually wrote in my calculus class), but I think they came out pretty well (if I do say so mysef ^^).  I've submitted them to Gate [my school's literary magazine, which I'm on the staff for too], but I'm not sure which is going to be in it (I know both won't be).

So, here we go:

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Aug. 15th, 2007

harry &amp; ginny

Fic: A New Beginning--Prologue

Title: A New Beginning--Prologue:  House Unity?
Author: evr_afire

Pairing: future AS/S
Rating: PG?
Summary: Albus Severus Potter's first day at Hogwarts--a big change awaits.
Words: 1094
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, they don't belong to me...  *grumbles* 
Warnings: DH spoilers, future slash.
Author's Note: Sort of but not really beta'd.  The headmaster is just someone I made up, and I was too lazy to give him a name...  I'm working on the first chapter (which jumps to third year), but I might not be able to post it soon since I'm going on vacation for two weeks.  What else?  I know the writing is a bit funky, but I couldn't get it quite right and just decided to post it anyway.  I probably have a lot of other things I wanted to say about this, maybe I'll add them in later.

(follow the lovely fake cut to my fanfiction journal.  now, why are these scary again?)

Feel free to friend my fanfic journal for updates (not likely very soon, but still).

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Aug. 10th, 2007

harry &amp; ginny

(no subject)

Title: It's All My Fault
Pairing: Scorpius/Rose, Ron/Hermione
Rating: G
Summary: Hermione learns that Rose is dating Scorpius Malfoy and tries to find a tactful moment to tell Ron.  His reaction.
Words: 369
Disclaimer: Oh, you know, I was riding this train in England once, and I got a great idea for a novel!  NOT. 
Author's Note: DH Spoilers (as if this community isn't already a huge spoiler...).  Anyway, Rose and Scorpius are fifth years.  Oh, and it's unbeta'd because I didn't feel it needed to be beta'd.  Feel free to point out errors.

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Jul. 23rd, 2007

harry &amp; ginny

HP fic

Okay, so I just felt like posting the first half of the HP fic I've been working on (prompt: paintball and waffle irons).  It shall be continued shortly, after I get over my sudden urge to write next gen-AS/S stuff.  Here we go...

Right, so now I need to go finish writing my comparison of then and now for WWI and the Iraq War.  Only need 250-300 words (more)...

Jul. 22nd, 2007

harry &amp; ginny

little thing I wrote for GATE

I wrote this for GATE last year, but I felt like posting it here (even though most of you have already read it).  Just something I came up with (inspired, somehow, by FFXII...except not really).  I'm toying with the idea of basing a novel-type thing on it (without the undertones of BL xD), but who know how far that'll go?

Anyway, here it is.

I should probably put it into paragraphs.  Maybe later, too lazy now (plus I've got homework xD).